Emotional Maturity

Some of the rewards of recovery from co-dependence are suggested here:

  1. We are open-minded and able to consider the opinions of others.
  2. We have outgrown “black and white” thinking and recognize that no person or situation is entirely good or bad.
  3. We avoid self-pity and are open to the abundance of life.
  4. We do not expect special consideration from anyone.
  5. We are able to manage our temper.
  6. We patiently tolerate reasonable delays and can adjust to accommodate others’ needs and schedules.
  7. We have outgrown envy and jealousy, and are honestly glad when others enjoy success.
  8. We accept responsibility for our own actions without trying to make excuses.
  9. We do not try to control other people, allowing them to have their own life experience.
  10. We are gracious losers and can endure defeat and disappointment without whining or complaining.
  11. We are not chronic “fault-finders,” habitually blaming neither ourselves or others.
  12. We are not emotionally devastated by perceived slights or minor disappointments.
  13. We do not easily assume or take on other peoples’ emotions.
  14. We feel an organic connection to humankind as a whole and gratefully contribute our part to society.
  15. We strive to behave like an ideal, loving parent and can empathically nurture both children and adults.

Inspired by a pamphlet from an Alcoholics Anonymous group in Akron, Ohio, circa 1950.
Adapted and modernized by Andy W. . This version ©2019