Abandoned California:

Photographs and writing by Andy Willinger.
Salton Sea Books

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The Salton Sea, California’s largest inland body of water, was a spectacular oasis in the desert which attracted droves of boating, fishing, and beach enthusiasts for fun in the sun. Throughout the 1950s and ’60s, the Salton Sea was a notorious playground for celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, and the Beach Boys, who routinely drove out from Hollywood, 175 miles away.

By the 1970s, unpredictable and poisonous agricultural runoff continually flooded the shorelines and caused many of the fish to die. After storms decimated several of the resorts and marinas, many residents were forced to abandon their homes and businesses. These once glorious seaside towns have been reduced to bleak, desolate wastelands, as the Salton Sea is now drying up. It has become the site of an ecological disaster, as toxic dust from its exposed bottom is picked up by winds, poisoning the humans, wildlife, and agriculture of the entire region.

Abandoned California: The Salton Sea is a collection of photographs and writings by Andy Willinger which capture the sublime beauty of the forsaken landscapes, buildings, and artifacts of this historic area’s once vibrant past.

Abandoned California: The Salton Sea is published by America Through Time. It is available for order at, and other stores where fine books are sold.

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